Our School | 我們的學校

Dalton School Hong Kong is a child-centered, dual-language community of global-minded learners and thinkers. We are confident, creative and adaptable, embrace differences, change and challenges. We are happily engaged, self-motivated, resilient and independent. We have a deep sense of responsibility and seek to contribute to the world with dedication, respect and compassion.

Everyone in our community—our students, staff, families, alumni and Board—will live our motto and take the lead in our pursuit of life-long learning: “I am not led, I lead.


Dalton School Hong Kong will be a leader in education and fulfill our mission by putting the whole child at the center of learning, tailoring the experience to each child’s talents, interests and needs, equipping each to fulfill his or her unique potential through the Dalton Plan, offering an academically rigorous, balanced and engaging intercultural Putonghua/English curriculum, strengthened by collaboration with global leaders, valuing and respecting, developing and supporting our staff, parents and alumni as our students’ partners in learning: adopting and contributing to innovation and educational research in Hong Kong and internationally.

Key Belief’s

At Dalton School Hong Kong, we believe:

  • The child should be the center of education;
  • In the integration of Chinese cultures, traditions, and values within the Dalton Plan;
  • Bilingual Putonghua and English capabilities are of critical value;
  • In educating our students for tomorrow, not for yesterday;
  • In collaborating with and serving our students, staff, families, alumni, the Hong Kong community and the global community.






  • 將孩子設于學習的中心位置,根據每個孩子的才能、興趣和需求,量身定制學習方法,通過道爾頓教育計劃,讓他們發揮自己獨特的潛力;
  • 提供嚴謹、均衡、有趣生動的普通話和英語跨文化課程,並與國際領先的教育機構夥伴協作,提升教育質素;
  • 重視、尊重、栽培和支持我們的員工、家長和校友,讓他們成為孩子學習上的好夥伴,以及;
  • 尊重研究為本,採用香港和國際創新的教學方法。



  • 孩子應為教育的核心;
  • 中國文化、傳統和價值觀與道爾頓教育計劃緊密融合;
  • 普通話和英語雙語能力至關重要;
  • 教育學生面向未來,而非過去;
  • 與學生、員工、家庭、校友、香港社區和國際社會共同努力,構建和諧社會,作出貢獻。