(West Kowloon Kindergarten) Application Guidelines | (西九龍幼稚園)申請須知

Little Dalton Kindergarten (West Kowloon) | 道爾頓幼稚園 (西九龍)

Open for Applications

  • Accept online applications ONLY
  • Application with desktop or laptop computers are recommended for best user experience.

Age Requirement

  • Application Fee HK$40 is non-refundable.
  • Tuition fees for each academic year are annual and are payable in 11-month consecutive and equal instalments from the months of August to June inclusive, regardless of school holidays or absences.
  • School fees may be adjusted each school year, subject to EDB approval.
  • Capital Levy (For academic year 2020-2021 onwards) - The admission process will be including payment of a refundable one-off capital levy HK$30,000 when you accept the offer.

Online Payment

  • Online Payments for the Application Fee via VISA, MasterCard are accepted.
  • No refund or transfer of application and online administrative fees once Application submitted.
  • Please note that an application remains INCOMPLETE and CANNOT BE FURTHER PROCESSED until the application and administrative fee are fully paid online.

Interview Invitation

  • Under normal circumstances, an invitation will be sent by email in 2 weeks after receipt of the online application, and interviews will be scheduled as per published.
  • Parents should accompany the applicant to attend the interview and arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time for verification of all ORIGINAL COPIES OF DOCUMENTS SUBMITTED.
  • Any requests for change of interview schedule must be made at least 5 working days in advance by email to admic@littledalton.com (West Kowloon campus)

Interview Result

  • Under normal circumstances, parents will be informed by email within 2 weeks. Extra time may be required if there are intervening public/school holidays.

Little Dalton Kindergarten (West Kowloon) | 道爾頓幼稚園 (西九龍)


  • 只接受網上申請
  • ​請利用桌面或筆記型電腦瀏覽器確保最佳使用體驗



  • 西九龍校園 準幼班 - 高班入學申請費HK$40 ,不設退款
  • 學年的全年學費分連續 11 期,由學年8月開始至翌年6月整月計算,包括學生缺席或學校假期。
  • 學費按需要每年調整,以教育局批核為準。
  • 建校費 (2020-2021 學年起開始) - 作為入學程序一部分,家長於確認接受學席時需繳付一次性可退款建校費HK$30,000。


  • 入學申請費透過Visa, Master 於網上繳費
  • 入學申請費不設退款或轉讓
  • 請注意網上繳付申請費及網上申請行政費未完成前,表示網上申請程序倘未完成,學校將不會受理是次入學申請


  • 一般情況於網上完成申請後,2個星期內透過電郵發出面試通知,面試將於該輪申請時間結束後進行
  • 請家長攜同子女到校進行面試,並於預定面試前15分鐘到達,出示網上提交申請文件的所有正本,進行核實
  • 如需要更改面試日期及時間,請於面試日期前最少5個工作天,以電郵admic@littledalton.com (西九龍校園 ),提出要求


  • 一般情況將於面試後經校方商議,2個星期內以電郵通知面試結果,遇上長假期/學校假期則需較長通知時間。

Upload Documents for Application | 上載申請所需文件

Online applications will only be processed when ALL required documents colour copies are received. The required documents are as follows:

a.   File Format / 檔案格式: pdf / jpg / png

b.   File Size / 檔案大小: 500k or up

c.   Type / 類型: 彩色 Colour file in >300dpi

Required items marked with ' * ’, while others are applicable to individual Applications.
申請所需文件標示 ' * ' ,而其他文件則適用於個別申請情況。

Applicant’s Documents | 申請人之相關文件

1.   Applicant’s Photo | 申請人近照*  

1.1.   Passport style photo within three months (clean background) 最近3個月之謢照相片(凈色背景)

2.     Applicant’s Birth Certificate | 申請人出生證明*

3.     Applicant’s 1st Passport Photograph page | 申請人護照相片頁*

4.     Applicant’s Valid Visa/ Permit Pages | 申請人有效「簽證/居港許可簽註」頁*

5.     Relevant documentation of Special Education Services (if applicable) | 特殊教育服務相關文件(若適用)

Parent Authorization | 家長委託書

6.     Completed Parent Authorization Form (if applicable) | 家長填寫及簽署的授權書 (若適用)

6.1.   For Applications through consultants, representatives or agents, a “Parent Authorization” is required to ensure the interests of the children are protected in the admissions process. | 委託顧問、代表、中介、或居港親友,辦理入學申請手續,必須上載家長委託書,以保障申請人入學過程的利益。

Parents /Guardians’ and Other Documents | 家長/監護人及其他相關文件

Identification documents to show Parents/Guardians valid residence status in Hong Kong | 家長/監護人之有效居港身份證明文件

7.     Parents/Guardians’ HKPRID Card (if applicable) | 家長/監護人香港永久性居民身份證 (若適用)

8.     Parents /Guardians’ Passport (photograph pages). 家長/監護人護照 (相片頁)

9.     Parents /Guardians’ Visa/ Permit Pages 家長/監護人「簽證/居港許可簽註」頁